Thank you for visiting the Kauzala Group website – we appreciate your interest in our work. Whilst visiting this site, you should feel confident that any personal information manually or automatically provided by you is kept securely, and managed with due consideration of your privacy.

Key aspects of our straightforward yet rigorously enforced privacy policy are summarised below:

1) We will not share any of your personal details that may be submitted or captured via this website with anyone.

2) The only exception to the above may be in cases where you specifically subscribe to a production or organisational mailing list or database of the Kauzala Group or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates, either online, via SMS or through another means; in such cases, one or more of our subsidiaries and/or partners may use such data for promotion of the following:

     a)  A project, product or service of the Kauzala Group or one of its subsidiaries

     b)  A product or service related to or promoted via the Kauzala Group or one of its subsidiaries

3) The Kauzala Group and its subsidiaries will never sell and/or share your personal information with any third party not directly related to Kauzala or its projects.



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